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Chryssa Skodra is the Greek Goddess of Content in Finland. She is a journalist, an award-winning tech blogger, a digital storyteller, an event organiser, a public speaker and educator. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media, a Diploma in International Project Management and a Master of Music in Arts Management from the prestigious Sibelius Academy. Born and raised in Greece, Chryssa came to Finland as an exchange student, fell in love with the country and started her career here from scratch. Chryssa is Helsinki-based with a global mindset. Chryssa started blogging in 2003 and has been a brand ambassador for FUJITSU, GUESS Watches, FORUM Shopping Center, the City of Rovaniemi and Pomegranate 5* Spa Hotel. She has been liaising with international journalists Athens 2004 Olympic Games, interviewing ambassadors for Welcome to Finland –magazine, hosting a weekly music top 20 chart on Spin FM and responsible for VIP guests at Suomi TV’s cooking show Patafonia. Chryssa is also the Helsinki Travel Massive Chapter leader.
Chryssa is a lecturer in higher education in Finland and Lithuania.  Her main areas of expertise are Marketing, Project Management, Event Management, Destination Branding, Intercultural Communication and Public Relations. In addition, she is a project coordinator of a worldwide unique specialisation programme in Culture Export Management. Chryssa Skodra is a certified Entre-Coach (coaching young entrepreneurs) and an Accredited Lecturer in Intercultural Management and Organizational Culture by The Hofstede Centre. If you need valuable content and positive online reputation for your brand, Chryssa can create articles, blog posts, video blog posts, ebooks, podcasts that attract potential customers to your website and social media. Chryssa’s passions are technology, fashion, food, travelling and events. If you are looking for a moderator, speaker or lecturer, get in contact with Chryssa.

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Tomorrow’s human-centric workplace today!

Working in the field of communication, media and marketing, I always argue that communication is key to the success or failure of every business. There is no business without communication. Clear, fast and efficient communication is vital in order to achieve project objectives on time and on budget.

Collaboration is also an important component in organisations yet often misunderstood. In this guest blog post titled ‘Getting Collaboration Right’ written by Morten T. Hansen and Herminia Ibarr for the Harvard Business Review Blog Network, two are the traps of collaborations: a) under-collaboration and b) over-collaboration. What is the right balance and how technology can assist organisation striking it?

One thing is certain that the business world has never been as challenging as it is today — and there is no single recipe for success. Every company has different needs and the paths to success depend on how the communication process works at a particular business, what kind of channels, tools or technology are used to handle business communication and what are the challenges currently faced in the business.

In my field, in higher education, my typical business day demands constant communication with a variety of stakeholders from students to colleagues to business partners, policy-makers. Physical and virtual meetings are daily scheduled in my agenda and a variety of tools are used to enable communication and collaboration such as emails, instant messaging, video conferencing, social networks, virtual workspaces.

The biggest change that I have experienced over the past 1-5 years is that new tools are introduced constantly and communication has changed rapidly with the use of social media being more prominent in corporate communications than ever.

For instance, e-mail has been and is a useful tool for many interactions, however over the past years the volume of communication has increased dramatically. For instance, I remember when I was working in Athens 2004 Olympic Games as a Liaison Officer, I had only 1 email account and I was checking my email once a day to see if I have a new incoming email to my inbox! Nowadays 10 years ahead I am receiving literally hundreds of emails daily. I also refresh my email numerous times a day and I have a variety of accounts (my work email, my personal Gmail, my Yahoo, my old Hotmail and the list goes on and on). The problem isn’t the communication method, it’s the volume of communication.


Virtual learning platforms and workspaces such as Moodle, Blackboard and LeaP are tools that provide easy access for students to valuable information and enable teachers collecting and reviewing assignments, monitoring progress on projects and giving students feedback.


Calendars helps the organisaiton and the planning of project work and assignments. Blogs help students create content, build virtual portfolios of their work, develop their personal brand as well as network in the blogosphere. In many of my courses, students are blogging instead of assignment that collect dust in my desk.

Tools such as Google+ Hangouts On Air, Skype and ConnectPro enable the exchange of ideas and best practices among peers (student-to-student), student to teacher and teacher-to-teacher. I often use these tools to hold virtual meetings with colleagues from other institutions and students who are doing their work placement or an exchange semester abroad.

 Mobility is also assisted with BYOD policies and cloud computing. Todays professional is a mobile professional on-the-go!

Fujitsu is pioneering in providing solutions for a human-centric workplace based on its strong research, development and innovation work. This video offers a window and insights of how workplaces will evolve.

One of the most interesting topics in the verge of technology and business, Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C). ‘Unified communication and collaboration’ is essential for the office communication of the future. It integrates various communication streams such as e-mail, fax, video calls, instant messaging, voice, audio and conferencing, and makes them easily accessible.

In today’s competitive market, the workforce needs to be efficient and effective. Also, enterprises are seeking cost-efficient and innovative ways to boost their productivity. To build competitive advantage you need the ability to make business decisions quickly and with confidence. A Unified Communications infrastructure can enable collaboration, connect people and information in real time to accelerate decision-making and enable teamwork across physical boundaries.

Combining Unified Communications, such as telepresence, instant messaging, and video conferencing with collaboration solutions like social networks, virtual workspaces, and skills finders, can help your employees to securely access and share information wherever and whenever they need it. These solutions can also deliver significant cost savings, not just from lower telephony bills, but from reduced travel and conferencing expenses.

This video shows the possibilities of a dream workplace where time, effort and resources are saved.

What challenges do you face in your current workplace regarding communication and collaboration and what is your idea of the perfect communication solution? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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[CONTEST] Security running through your veins with Fujitsu PalmSecure™

Every day we read in the news about email accounts being  hacked, sensitive data being leaked (from celebrity nude photos to government data), and credit card data are being stolen. Even we or our friends and family could have been victims of such criminal actions. These numerous occurrences and increasing security issues worldwide clearly indicate the demand for enhanced security wherever IT is used.

Since 2010 I have been a Fujitsu Insider -a blogger and brand ambassador- participating in interesting international campaigns. During these 4 years, I had the pleasure of reviewing state-of-the-art devices, attending IT events and meeting influential people from all over the world. I continue to be amazed by the innovative of Fujitsu and its continuous efforts to be ICT pioneers by creating solutions for a better and safer future for a human-centric society.

On September 1 this year, Fujitsu launched the Innovation Idea Contest, an open international idea contest about use cases for Fujitsu’s PalmSecure™ technology.  The sensor detects the pattern of the flowing blood in the palm of your hand with infrared light. This pattern is extremely unique and therefore palm vein recognition accuracy is much more reliable than other biometric technologies such as voice pattern, face recognition, fingerprint sensor, signature, iris/retina, finger vein. The graph below indicates the accuracy of the palm vein recognition accuracy in comparison to other biometric technologies.

In 2014 and in the years to come biometric authentication is one of the most secure ways to  tackle these problems, especially if used alongside passwords or PINs (so-called multifactor authentication). Within this field, Fujitsu PalmSecure™ palm vein sensor technology is unique.

Fujitsu Palm Secure Technology

The Innovation Idea Contest ends today on October 20 so if you didn’t have time to register and submit your own idea (a few hours left, though!), you could read all submitted innovative ideas here! You can also submit your own idea in any field of your interest Government, Financial, Enterprise, Automotive, Retail, Industry 4.0, Energy or any other field you operate in.

The Fujitsu PalmSecure™ Innovation Contest is looking for innovative ideas and concepts as well as answers to the following questions:

– What are the application areas for a match-on-device system with FUJITSU PalmSecure™ technology?
– Which use cases can you imagine in the fields such as government, finance, enterprise, automotive, retail or others for this technology?
– How can the device appear in the different usage scenarios? Where can the FUJITSU PalmSecure™ sensor technology be applied in general?

The Jury that will evaluate all submitted ideas consists of Fujitsu experts and masterminds of technology, security, marketing and sales: Dr. Joseph Reger (CTO, Fujitsu EMEIA), Rupert Lehner (Senior Vice President Sales Germany), Thomas Bengs (Director, Head of Security Solutions, Solution Business Group), Rolf Kleinwächter (Head of Innovations), Stefan Schubert (Marketing Director – Global Marketing for Security, Networks and Operations).

The prizes for the top 3 ideas are

  1. First winner: FUJITSU LIFEBOOK U904 with PalmSecure™ sensor
  2. Second winner: FUJITSU LIFEBOOK U574 Ultrabook™
  3. Third winner: FUJITSU STYLISTIC M702 semi-ruggedized tablet PC

Get inspired by the innovative ideas of other or submit your own! Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners. Their idea might be the next best thing that will make your life easier, safer and better!

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[VIDEO] Top 5 reasons why to visit Fujitsu Forum 2014

Starting today there is exactly 1 month left in the countdown of Fujitsu Forum 2014! On November 19-20, 11,000 visitors from all over the world will gather in Germany to exchange ideas and network at Fujitsu’s largest IT event in Europe, hosted annually at the ICM- International Congress Center Munich.

The Fujitsu Forum is a two-day event of non-stop inspiring keynotes, expert talks, interesting breakout sessions, guided tours of the exhibition area and a celebration night ‘Oktoberfest‘ style with delicious food and Bavarian beer!

Last year’s theme was ‘Reshaping ICT, Reshaping Business and Society’. This year’s theme is ‘Human Centric Innovation’. According to Fujitsu’s website, “Human Centric Innovation is a new approach to realizing business and social value by creating solutions and services that bring together the dimensions of people, information and infrastructure.” You can download the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2014 white paper and read how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will transform business and society as well as Fujitsu’s vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society, where people’s lives are enriched by ICT and innovation is everywhere, delivering new business and social value.

Being a Fujitsu Insider since 2010, I had the opportunity to attend many Fujitsu Forum events and I always return back to Finland with a plethora of ideas, memories and useful contacts. Last year’s Fujitsu Forum 2013 inspired me with its excellent and well-organised programme. The Fujitsu Forum Agenda Builder helped me plan my stay at Fujitsu Forum and create my own agenda.

This year, I made my first animated presentation with PowToon to share my Top 5 reasons why to visit Fujitsu Forum 2014!

Register now and welcome to the Fujitsu Forum 2014!

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+

See you at Fujitsu Forum 2014!

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Day to night in Finland!

Deciding what to wear to work in the fall, when the academic semester starts, is relatively easy. I invest in a few key pieces by GUESS and GUESS by Marciano in earth tones of browns, tans, greys, greens, and reds.

GUESS Watches, W11624L2

Because my schedule is really diverse and hectic, versatility is a necessity. I need to make careful choices because my days be can very long. Morning lectures at the university are followed by meetings with colleagues and then evening coffee dates with friends and attending events.

GUESS Watches, W11624L2

My agenda is over-scheduled and I don’t have the time or luxury of a day-to-night outfit change. Key elements in my wardrobe styled with a few elegant accessories and my favorite GUESS watch can take me from the desk to parties without compromising style. I usually wear a blazer over a feminine blouse with a pair of fitting pants and my favorite rose gold GUESS watch.

GUESS Watches, W11624L2

At the end of the day, I want to look polished and feminine, as well as feel comfortable in my clothes. Dressing is important because it speaks volumes about our personality and is an integral part of our own personal brand.

Weekend away in Paris!

U0001L2, W0001L2

Paris is for lovers, as they say, and it’s true that the city puts you in the right romantic mood, even though Kim and I visited Paris in winter when it was cold and rainy. We went to the top of the Eiffel Tour and watched the city unfolding below us through telescopes. One of my favorite novels is Victor Hugo’s ‘Hunchback of Notre-Dame’, so our next stop was a visit the legendary Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture and a world-renowned monument. Visiting the Louvre and seeing Mona Lisa was also one of the highlights of our trip.

U0001L2, W0001L2

For my style on the streets of Paris, I chose comfortable and soft fabrics in beige, brown, and black tones with golden details. A must to complete the look was my fierce GUESS watch with a leopard-print design and gold, brown and black color touches!

Images by Kim Ekman, Vision51

Weekend away in Paris!

Destination wedding in Paradise!

Destination weddings allow couples to live their dream wedding ceremony in a stunning location and celebrate surrounded by their closest friends and family members creating long-lasting memories for both the couple and their guests.

If you’re looking for a unique way to say ‘I do’ , a destination wedding in a romantic paradise that affords dramatic and unique locations for photography is ideal. For this purpose, I recommend Halkidiki in Northern Greece!

Read about the symbolic wedding of the Russian couple Liudmila and Vitali at Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel in breathtaking Halkidiki in Greece in summer 2014 <here>!


Pomegranate Spa Hotel

We Do! – Weddings In Every Sense @ HAAGA-HELIA Porvoo


If your web content is impersonal or overly technical, I can help you make it accessible and engaging. I create web content that turns casual browsers into avid readers, avid readers into loyal subscribers, and loyal subscribers into brand ambassadors.

If your message is getting lost in the blurb, I’ll find, refine and hone it so your readers understand it. I can create articles, blog posts, video blog posts, ebooks, podcasts that attract potential customers to your website and social media. My passions are technology, fashion, food, travelling and events.

If your social media presence is weak or non-existing, I can create valuable content and positive online reputation for your brand.

If you are looking for a moderator, speaker or lecturer, I can provide a tailor-made presentation and wow your audience with my presence and delivery.

Does social media marketing leave you with a headache? Do you want to start a blog and don’t know where to start? Do you need a host, moderator or speaker for your event?

Contact me and we will find a way to cooperate!

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