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TheCoffeeBox: The story behind the brand that brings freshly roasted coffee to your doorstep

During the Christmas season, I published this post about ‘Why TheCoffeeBox subscription should be on your gift list‘. In this post, I want to give you insights on the story behind the brand and my two friends -Sandra and Karolis- who are the founders of TheCoffeeBox. Read along and don’t miss the special discount at the bottom of the post for your next CoffeeBox order!

Let’s get the basics straight first! The Coffee Box ( is an online coffee subscription service founded by London-based couple Karolis Jasinskas and Sandra Janulyte in 2014. is a family business that delivers an envelope of high-quality roasted coffee or coffee beans to your home and office door from a variety of single-origin roasts and a changing assortment of blends in 250 gr shipments every week or every two weeks.

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Why TheCoffeeBox subscription should be on your Christmas gift list?

The Christmas season has started and you are getting ready decorating your home and buying your Christmas presents. Are you in the Christmas mood yet?

Living in Finland for the past 10 years, I was turned into an avid coffee lover. Finns are among the biggest coffee consumers in the world. Everywhere you go there is always a cup of coffee offered to you. In Finland, a pack of coffee is often given as a present when visiting someone’s home. This year that I discovered TheCoffeeBox, my coffee-loving friends might receive a surprise subscription from TheCoffeeBox from Santa! Continue Reading