Hello! My name is Chryssa and I’m a PR Entrepreneur and Digital Storyteller. I am a journalist, blogger, social media marketer and content creator, public speaker and educator! Born and raised in Greece, I came to Finland as an exchange student in 2005 after my work at the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games. For the past decade, I’m based in Finland yet being a citizen of the world.

I’m digital native professional with passion for content-creation. I have long experience on tv, radio and press that helps me find the unexplored and unique angles, make insightful interviews, gather information and synthesize it into highly valuable, reader-focused content. Throughout the past 12 years I have created hundreds of articles, blog posts, video blog posts, podcasts, ebooks, newsletters, press releases as well as offered workshops, lectures and training in blogging, social media marketing and intercultural communication.

I love technology, music, traveling, shopping, fashion and food and I write about all of these beautiful thing in my blog.  I started blogging in 2003 in the early days of WordPress and since then I have been a brand ambassador for international fashion, lifestyle and technology brands as well as tourist destinations. I am an award-winning tech blogger, social butterfly, thought leader and influencer.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media, a Diploma in International Project Management and a Master of Music in Arts Management from the prestigious Sibelius Academy.

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