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My Evento Awards 2017 style: Cocktail dress vs. Jumpsuit

I have been honoured to be a judge at Evento Awards since the first year the competition was initiated. Evento Awards celebrates excellence in the event and hospitality industry in Finland. This year Evento Awards had its fourth edition with two brand new categories (Best Industry Influencer and Best Fair). The Evento Awards 2017 Ceremony and Gala took place on April, 27 at Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki, Finland. 

The Evento Awards invitation we received stated the dress code: ‘Party Dress with a touch of bling’. For special occasions, I always find it a great opportunity to add a brand new outfit to my wardrobe. This year, I visited Moda Bronco store is Itis to check out garments suitable for the occasion. I have stumbled upon Moda Bronco’s facebook page earlier this year and I liked what I saw. So, I headed up there in search of the perfect outfit. I tried on several outfits with the help of CEO Mia Hanninen and the helpful ladies. The selection and the brands at Moda Bronco was immense and I wish I had more special events to attend in order to get to wear more dresses. However, I managed to narrow down my picks to the three options shown below. Because I was conflicted I even made a Facebook post to ask which outfit I should wear on the Evento Awards gala.

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Interview with children’s book author Nicole Warriner

Since 1967, on 2 April, International Children’s Book Day is celebrated across the world to inspire a love of reading and to call attention to children’s books. In my blog post ‘A Mother and Son Letter Adventure‘ that I wrote last year, I presented the importance of reading books to babies and toddlers and featured one of Philippos’ all-time favourite books ‘Behind The Magic Door’ written by Nicole Warriner.

It’s high time, I shed light to the charismatic young lady who made her author debut with this beloved and popular personalised children’s book. Ladies and gentleman, here is my interview with Nicole. Read along and if you are a parent, remember to a) buy and read books with your children from as early as possible and b) if you have a teenager, remember to support their creative (writing or other) endeavours as Nicole’s parents did. One day your child will be a well-rounded human being or even a published author!

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Flatter your face with a new haircut. I did!

My hair has been in need of a haircut for months. My ends are split and dry, my roots are flat and there is no shape or volume to my hair, which makes my whole face dragged down.

In early December 2016, a new Pepe Åhman hair salon opened in Lauttasaari and I decided to book an appointment to give my hair a new life, since I was planning to attend the opening of Lauttis Shopping Center. I was paired with the beautiful, talented and sporty Kristiina Kangasniemi, a 26-year old hairdresser and fitness enthusiast from Nurmijärvi.

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The best steaks in Helsinki

Food is one of my life’s greatest pleasures. And, as a voracious and dedicated carnivore, there is nothing more soulful and soothing that a good quality steak cooked to perfection. Whenever, I want to spoil myself, there is only one place I visit in order to fulfil my appetite and treat my palate to a juicy steak: GOODWIN Steakhouse.

The key to a great steakhouse is the steak. GOODWIN Steakhouse does it right, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Last month we had a meeting over a wonderful meal at GOODWIN Steakhouse. We ordered a rib-eye, a filet mignon and a New York steak and they were all from delicious, top quality meat, cooked beautifully.

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Peruvian gastronomy by Chef Diego Muñoz at Pastor in Helsinki

Peruvian superstar Chef Diego Muñoz arrived in Helsinki on October 5. For two nights -on October 6 and October 7- Pastor restaurant guests will have the opportunity to enjoy an eight-course tasting menu created by Chef Muñoz and Pastor’s Head Chef Robert Von Bell. Pastor is known for Nikkei cuisine, the Japanese-Peruvian fusion sensation, that is taking the world by storm in the heart of Helsinki.

In 2016, nomad Chef Muñoz (a Peruvian Indiana Jones!) started his World Culinary Tour ready to explore Europe, South, Central and North America, Asia and the Middle East through 22 different culinary projects across the world. Helsinki is one of the world’s food capitals on Chef Muñoz’s map of world culinary exploration.

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Finlandia Caviar: A caviar oasis in Helsinki

I grew up in Greece in a humble, middle class family of hard-working entrepreneurs. We followed a Mediterranean diet cooked with fresh ingredients from the local street market. Our palates were not exposed to flavours such as caviar and oysters, yet there was a weekly dose of a cheap and delicious fish roe spread (called ‘taramas’ or ‘the caviar of the poor’) on our breads.

Living in Finland, as an adult I tasted various caviars at events, restaurants and hotels and I developed a taste for this salty and oily speciality. In summer 2015 the first caviar shop and restaurant opened its doors in Helsinki. This year we had a business meeting at Finlandia Caviar over lip-smacking caviar and oysters. A true caviar oasis in Helsinki!

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Spring on your plate at Helkan keittiö

Last week on a sunny spring day we decided to have dinner at Helkan Keittiö (‘Helka’s Kitchen’, in English) situated in the center of Helsinki on Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 23. We recently moved to a new flat close to Hotel Helka and it is convenient for us to go there even with our baby boy. We did take our 4,5 month old boy with us, his first time in a restaurant!

Photo by Kim Ekman

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A mother and son letter adventure!


“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” ― Emilie Buchwald

I’ve always been fascinated by fairy tales. My mother tells that I was a bookworm from a young age. She used to read fairy tales to me when I was an infant and I would be fascinated by the pictures and the different voices my mother made. She kept reading my favourite books over and over to the point where I eventually knew them by heart. By the time I could speak, I would pretend I was ‘reading’ the story book by myself simply by turning the pages and narrating the story as I remembered it from my mother using the illustrations to navigate me through the plot! I would even imitate her tone and expressions to add tension and drama! Funny little girl I was.

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Sushi after birth at last!

There are many opinions, truths and myths about eating sushi during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Cultural differences affect the consumption of sushi remarkably. The Japanese focus on the healthy properties of fish and recommend that you should eat fish regularly in order to increase your intake of DHA and other Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. However, in most European countries and in the USA, raw sushi is to be avoided due to the fact that certain types of fish may contain high levels of mercury, dioxins or other toxins, including tilefish, mackerel, fresh tuna, mahi-mahi, and shark. In reality – although contradictory – both perceptions are correct. So, what should expectant and breastfeeding mothers do?

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